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(Local SEO expert in Bangladesh) Rimon Sarkar is an internet marketing agency whose purpose is to help companies improve their business and build their brand online. We are Providing all kinds of Digital Marketing services. I’m active on Social Media Sites. Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube.

Who Are We

We are one of the best SEO service provider company in Bangladesh. We help people to grow their business.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to help companies improve their online presence in search and social media in order to acquire new customers.

What We Do

We create lovely branding to help small businesses make a great first impression and attract more customers.

My History

Hi, I am Rimon Sarkar, one of the Best Local SEO Expert in Bangladesh and you can call me Rimon. I am 22 years old. I started my online journey in 2016. It’s a long story when I came to Dhaka (2014) I meet my nearest elder brother. I think no need to explain his name because he doesn’t help me in this sector. But I am always trying to understand his mystery. And in this time he works in different types of freelancing sector like oDesk etc. But he didn’t say his mystery. I am always trying to question this elder brother how do you work? He always told me it’s magic, and he never explains his information. So, I am trying to gather knowledge in different sectors in outsourcing.

Rimon Sarkar about

Now I am a local SEO expert. I have three years of work experience in the SEO field. However, I am work in Fiverr and Upwork. It’s helped me to grow my skills.

Do you have any local business idea? If you have a local business, already you know how important a local SEO specialist. If you have a business, this sector helps you to grow your branding. it’s a part of digital marketing

Without digital marketing, it’s difficult to grow your company because it’s a key part of a business. You can say it’s the heartbeat of your business.

Best Local SEO Specialist in Dhaka

I live in a Dhaka oh! my dream Dhaka. Never I left this city. It’s one of my favorite cities. So I am also working on some local SEO services projects in Dhaka. It’s a wonderful experience in my life. because I learn a lot of information. How it works, it’s a new concept in our country but this train is not new. It’s already applying to some modern country.

Why it’s important and why it’s needed in our local business? It’s helped you to change your knowledge of how and why we can improve our local business-like in Dhaka, Chittagong and other cities especially for Gulshan Dhanmondi, Mirpur, Bonney, etc. 

I am also providing Digital Marketing Services it’s a part of SEO and this both are a similar platform. One can’t stay without others. Do you know what is Digital Marketing? The digital marketing method means the marketing of products or services using the digital platform. This will help your business or service to reach your desired goal.

SEO Audit

How a good SEO audit helps you do you realize. If already you have a website and you spend a lot of amounts of time in this field. but you never reached the success, an SEO audit can help to improve your site. It’s not magic it’s a real intention. A technical SEO audit finds your problem. And you properly flow this instruction you can improve your website. 

Proper optimization can refresh your site and it helps to rank on Google. Most of the people refused that but they don’t know how it’s important. I am also working on some new site and now they are looking good. These all are ranking on SERP(Search Engine Results Pages). it’s not magic it’s an optimization process. It’s one of my challenges on how to improve a website properly. I love this work.

Best SEO Consult

Do you need Best SEO Consult in Bd or Local SEO ExpertRimonsarkar.com is one of them. I am always here to listen to your speech. If you connect with me in any problem, I will provide you the best solutions. And I am also working on some Amazon niche sites, AdSense and some blogging sites. And already earned some revenue.

If you need any quality of niche sites, you can contact me. I will help you. I am also working on keyword research and content strategy management and how it works. If you properly analyze your competitor properly, you will succeed in your niche site project.

I am already providing some niche site service. Without experience, you can’t success in a niche site. So if you need any niche site expert opinion you can contact me. I have properly completed my Affiliate Marketing training in BASIS Institute of Technology & Management (BITM) and other hands I am a student of the best SEO expert in Bangladesh Nasir Uddin Shamim and his NshamimPro course.

What is White Hat SEO?

Do you have any idea with white hat SEO techniques? It’s a totally Google-friendly and healthy system to grow your site. If you have a website and you have no knowledge about white hat SEO, It’s difficult to grow your business. I am also specialized in white hat SEO techniques. 

On the other hand, you can use black hat SEO but it’s harmful to your website. It’s not a proper way to rank. It forces Google to rank. So, Google dislikes this thing. If you don’t have any idea about black hat SEO or White hat SEO you can contact me and actually, I believe white hat SEO methods. It’s long-lasting and proven method in Google and black hat SEO always harmful for your site so be careful always about this.

Do you want to make a discussion about “Online SEO service” with me? Then don’t hesitate to knock me. I am always ready for listening to your question. Without question, I can’t give you a proper answer. Digital marketing is a large field and SEO is an important part of this sector. Always remember you are not alone. 

I am always with you, in any work any support. Already I have said an elder brother he never ever helps me to grow up. But time changes. If you won’t, you can search for any pieces of information in a different place. So, I am trying to help or support people it’s for myself.

My Dream

It’s not my dream it’s a reality once a time. In conclusion, I am creating an SEO agency and many people will work there. Already some Experts are work with me. But it’s not enough. I will create a new world and already working to implement my dream.

Our Work Process


Niche Research

Niche research is the main part of starting a new site. Firstly Identify your interests  and Determine the profitability of your niche.


Keyword Research

After niche research we need to focus on keyword research. Without proper keywords research your site won’t get targeted visitors.


Competitor Analysis

Competitive analysis is to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors within your market.


On-Page Optimize

After completing above tasks we’ll move to on page optimization like Yoast Optimization, Image, Important plugin install and setup.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO is important for the search engine bots to crawl your website and index your site. This includes mobile friendly, site speed etc.


Off-Page Optimize

Off page SEO is a set of techniques you can use to increase your website’s. We will create high quality backlinks to beat your competitors.

Why choose us?

You already know that organic SEO service can rank your website for long term. Our experts optimize your every page in your website and technical problem. To get a best result we are committed that our SEO experts are working hard and give 100% effort to make you smile.

Hire the Professional and Reliable SEO Company with a proven track record of success. Rimon Sarkar Agency will increase organic rankings, traffic, leads & calls.

With long years of experience, Rimon Sarkar provides result-based SEO services. Get in touch with us for some rank boosting through our Local SEO Services.

SEO can help generate traffic to a website over time, but it isn’t a magic fix of other internal business problems. 

Return on Investment (ROI) is one of the more important measurement standards for businesses. Because of typically limited resources, small companies may derive even more benefit from measuring their ROI

Our goal is to answer every call with a LIVE person. Forget being in automated menu hell.

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