Technical SEO Service

Technical SEO Service is the process that online companies and web designers use to optimize their website. It helps to facilitate a smooth and successful crawling and indexing stage by the search engines.

With a properly laid out technical SEO strategy, you should be able to help the search engines to easily crawl, access, interpret or even index your personal website without facing any forms of technical challenges at any time.

Technical SEO Service

What Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO got its name by virtue. It actually had nothing to do with actual content on your website at all. Technically, the main objective of any technical SEO campaign is to make sure that your website infrastructure is properly optimized.

In short, technical SEO is the glue or bond that binds the two other main pillars of SEO namely Off-page SEO and On-Page SEO. With proper link building, you will enjoy enough mentions /links that other websites give you and your ranking process will also shoot.

How Does SEO Work?

If you have read some of our previous SEO Specialist articles on search engines and how they work, you must know by now that the very first step search engines do is to crawl and index pages that are related to a search before they can actually answer the visitor’s question.

Crawling and Indexing takes time and helps search engines to get and arrange available web pages into their database. When a search is done in relation to the category, they will have an easy time to use their algorithms and in turn, provide the precise answers that the visitor sought when they entered their question into the search tab.

How Do We Come In?

If you are looking for the best Technical SEO Service in Bangladesh, we have the right team for you. Our team is professionally trained. It is highly experienced and understands the latest techniques that search engines use to crawl and index pages.

We can, therefore, help you in optimizing your website to meet the required standards by search engines. So, you can be indexed at the top of the pages. We have done it before and we are here to make the ultimate difference for each and every clientele.

What Will We Do for You Differently?

There are many reasons why you should take our Technical SEO Service. In order to make your Technical SEO strategy pop here are a few things, we will do differently.

  • Ensure search engines such as Google can easily access and index your website.
  • Provide you with very high-quality content that will actually match the searcher’s intent.
  • Help you to provide search engine crawlers with the right signals when crawling.
  • Help the search engines to easily understand the design and structure of the website.
  • Make sure search engine spiders actually understand the context of your web content.
  • Giving the algorithms enough reasons to keep trusting your website.

NOTEOnce we do all these right, we will make your website SEO friendly. Then create trust from the search engines. So that, you rank higher on the SERPS in relation to any searches that hint on your content.

technical seo

How Will We Make Sure Your Technical SEO Campaign is Successful?

If you asked expert web designers you will realize that there so many things that one should actually do before they can have a successful SEO campaign. With our experience, we will make sure that you have all that, and some of the things that we will do include the following:

Specify Preferred Domain

It is important that you specify a preferred domain when making a website or even a blog. We will help you to do this. This is very important as it helps you to instruct search engines on which variation of your domain you need to make use of on your long term website. This is usually the first step in technical SEO strategy.

Optimize Robots.txt Files

The next step will be checking and optimizing all your robots.txt files. Robots.txt file is the text file that is placed in the main root directory on your website. It is the main file responsible for giving instructions to every search engine on which pages they should crawl and index on your website.

This file is very important. Therefore it is vital that it operates smoothly without any false hiccups. So, that might discourage the search engine crawlers from reading it and in turn indexing the website.

Optimize URL Structure

For the best technical SEO audit, you will need a well-optimized URL structure. It is therefore very important that you have the right format for your URLs. Rimon Sarkar and his team will help you to design your URLs in the best way. Some of the URL SEO techniques that we will use include:

  • Using lowercase characters.
  • Using a hyphen to separate any words in the URL.
  • Make the URLs short, precise, and descriptive.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.

Redesign Website Navigation Structure

Most importantly we understand that the structure of any website is usually very important. So we will help you to get the best structure that ensures your visitors stay longer on your website. And which also allows them to find what they need faster.


What is Structured Data Markup?

This is a markup code that needs to add to the web pages to make the pages more visible to the search engine crawlers. It helps crawlers to understand the website content more and in turn boost your SEO.

What are the Main Uses of Structured Data?

Structured data can use in many ways to describe website content. They can be used in local businesses, articles, job posting, recipes, and events.

How is Structure Data Related to Technical SEO?

Structured data is much more related to content. However, it touches on technical SEO since you have to add a code to the website if you want to get it right.


Indexed websites are easy to understand. They give search engine crawlers an easy time and they have some of the most fulfilling benefits too. We are here to help you with our technical SEO service to get every bit of it right and to leave you with the best SEO strategies.

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